Pink Embroidered Georgette Saree

Here we are Referring a Trusted Site which sells Latest and trending Women’s wear. There is also a section for Men’s as well.
Since the birth of e-commerce, we’ve been dreaming of a world where you could take your clothes to the next level. A world where you can show off your impeccable style. A world where you can show it off in the most unconventional way possible.
Today, this dream is more than just a dream. It’s real! Nowadays, one brand is making it happen – Libas
Libas was founded in 2005 by Shashank and Rakesh Atreja and has made a name for itself in the online fashion market. Today, after seven years of hard work, Libas has evolved into an ecommerce website for itself and for its customers.
Libas’ products cater to women’s clothes ranging from lehengas and salwar suits to jeans and t-shirts. The clothing lines are available across categories such as leather , denim , leather accessories , denim accessories , cricket kit , women’s tops , wedding dresses , dresses etc . For all its glory and uniqueness, however, Libas has two competitors – Saree Store (incl) & Saree Tops (incl).
Saree Store is a very famous online store that sells high quality sarees at affordable prices that are also second to none when it comes to selection of sarees . Saree Store is also famous for its deals on saree s . They offer saris at cheap rates for both men and women . But do not get misled by their name as they sell only sarees . Who needs saree s when there are so many other clothes options available Usually they sell designer outfits as well which provide more value than just saree
But there is another competitor on the list – Saree Tops that also caters to women but unlike Saree Store which sells only sarees though they offer designer outfits as well some time they sell edgy themed clothing like caps, shirts etc which provide more value than just saree
Now we come to what makes Libas stand out from all their competitors: it caters exclusively to women customers who have no intention of buying designer outfits or other expensive items. Since it caters exclusively to women only, it stands out with its low prices and special promotions where men will see very less discounts on their regular purchases too

Libas offers discounts up to 30% on regular purchases including footwear (up to 60% discount)



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