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Choosing sarees from shopping websites for women

Be it north Indian Banarasi or a Kanjivaramof South India, sareesare often popular choices. The rich heritage of our nation has equally diverse range of handwoven saris. These artefacts often go unexplored by many. Come with us and skim through the beautiful line up of the finest sarees of India. 

Fashion online shopping websites and karvatkati sarees

The north-eastern region of Maharastrais the birthplace of Karvat Katisarees. It has a distinct border, known as the kati. This features a saw-edged pattern called karvat or straw from which the name is derived. The saree is made withTussar silk, and itis a popular choice for festivals and weddings. Vidharba’s flora and fauna is the centre of designs. Karvat Kati also flaunt the motifs from its respectedRamtek Temple that is situated in Nagpur

Buy Himroo sarees from online shopping websites for women

One of the rarest sarees available in the world, these sareesareon the verge of becoming history. Though the age-old craftof hand weaving this fabric is alive today in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, but it is yet an art struggling to breath.This fabric originated in Persia, Himroo has seen its downfall in its birthplace but is still striving here. You can avail this fabric here on Affiliateiva. 

Buy Paithani from shopping websites for women

The ‘Queen of Silks’ studded with beautiful motifs of leaves, lotuses and birds like parrots and peacocks, the saree is the gift of intermix of different hues in complex patterns, with liberal use of gold. The pattern creates the visual effect of shifting colours. It should be the part of a saree lover’s wardrobe for sure.