Butterfly Blue Pea Herbal Tea – Pyramid Teabag

Good News for TEA LOVERS- As it says Where there’s tea, there’s happiness.

Referring a Ayurvedic Herbal Tea company which shows you different varieties of tea available with them.

Danta Herbs is a trusted name in Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbal Products. Danta Herbs offers a wide range of products that are used to maintain health, promote good health, prevent illness, cure illnesses, improve wellbeing, enhance beauty and treat wounds.

The company has been able to earn a reputation over the years as a quality manufacturer of high-quality TEA. It’s a bankable name that can be relied for processing small and massive product quantities in the stipulated timeline. They got established as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Cardamom Ginger Masala Tea, Exotic Assam Premium CTC Tea, Indian Exotic Assam Masala Tea, Kolkata Spice Nutmeg Masala Tea, Assam Premium Summer Black Tea, Darjeeling Green Tea, Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea, Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea, Exotic High Mountain Oolong Tea, Exotic Silver Needle White Tea, Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea, Mango Green Iced Tea, Pineapple Ginger Iced Tea, etc. a few years ago. We operate with a group of tea growers and suppliers to maintain year-around product availability.

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