Diamond Ring

Candere by Kalyan Group is the most trusted online jewelry store. Buy your diamond and gold jewelry from Candere today and come back any time in the future to exchange it for any new designs you find on our site. The collection includes carved gold jewelry with pavé diamonds. 18K yellow gold nose stud set with real diamonds.

It comes with a light clasp and is embellished with diamonds. Decorated with 18k gold, this nose clip is set with a real diamond and verified by the BIS brand. Your 18k rose gold diamond ring from our Allura collection is verified with the BIS brand engraved on it and the diamonds come with a CGL/SGL Certificate of Authenticity.

Well, Candere gives you the freedom to buy the jewelry you love with Double Gold Interest Protection (DGRP) allowing you to buy the jewelry of your choice with zero interest. Candere started his business with the aim of bringing the offline diamond industry to the online market, making it accessible to the masses in India. Rupesh Jain’s fascination with combining retail jewelry with technology piqued his interest in building Candere, which led to his collaboration with Ashish Bajaj, then VP of Miles Software Solutions, to create Candere.

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